Sunday, August 2, 2009

August CVS $10 Challenge: Week 1

Last month I happened upon a blog where a woman had challenged herself to spend no more than $10 at CVS for the whole month. She got tons of stuff.

I thought it sounded like fun to see what I could get for just ten bucks in the month of August at CVS. There are 5 Sundays in August which means $2 per week, so this could get tricky if I spend too much cash in any one week.

I started the month of August with $3.87 in Extra Bucks (ECB's) in my pocket:
-- 1X $1.89
-- 2X $1.98

This week CVS is again running another three-day sale with free school supplies after ECB's. Woo-hoo. Too bad Samantha is only 2 years old. So this morning I went to CVS and bought over the course of 4 transactions:
(2) book covers
(2) one-subject notebooks
(2) 5" scissors
(1) 3-pack glue sticks
(1) compass
(1) protractor
(1) 36-ct aspirin
(2) 20-ct pens
(2) rulers
(1) sticky note pad

If nothing were on sale, I would have spent $33.47. Ha! I only buy things on sale.

I had an instore savings of $11.48.

I then used:
- 1.89 ECB carried over from last month
- 2X 1.98 ECB carried over from last month
- 4X 0.99 ECB earned today
- 2.94 ECB earned today
- 2.99 ECB earned today
- 3.00 ECB earned today
- 1.99 August Free Gift (mine was the aspirin)

I spent $1.26 cash out-of-pocket (OOP) today, which leaves $8.74 left for the rest of August.

I walked out the door with $5.94 in ECB's for next time:
- 4X $0.99
- 1X $1.98

My store didn't receive their shipment of folders, so I got a raincheck. Rainchecks are great, but it won't do me any good if my store never gets the item in stock. I will keep looking for the folders as well as the 24-ct pencils and 1" binders that I have rainchecks for. I really want the binders to help organize all my OAMC recipes!

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