Thursday, August 13, 2009

August CVS $10 Challenge: Week 2

Sunday I received my CVS weekly circular in my newspaper. After finishing my OAMC cooking, I read my paper. I don't actually "read" the paper. I just clip my coupons and read the store ads. When I got to the CVS ad, there wasn't a single thing that I wanted. N O T H I N G.

I could have posted on Sunday that I wasn't going to stop by my local CVS this week, but I waited. Why? Some weeks CVS will send an email on Thursday that has a printable coupon which is good through Sunday. Often they will be "save $5 off your $25 purchase", but sometimes I get "save $3 off your $15 purchase." I was hoping for the $3/$15, so I waited. I guess I thought a miracle would take place and suddenly the ad would have something that I wanted. The great thing about these is that the $15 or $25 or whatever purchase is BEFORE coupons.

Today is Thursday. Yes, I received an email from CVS. It had the $5/$25 as I expected it to which is good through Sunday. Please, please, please let there be an awesome sale on Sunday that I can use the $5/$25 on without blowing my $10 challenge.

The CVS email did have an added bonus coupon. CVS has this new ReadyFill prescription program. If you go here and take the quiz, then they'll give you a coupon for $5 off your in-store purchase of $25. Okay, so it sounds like the same deal as above, but the bonus is that it doesn't expire right away. I took the quiz today and the coupon doesn't expire until August 27. That allows me a couple weeks to plan an awesome shopping trip.

CVS will only allow a customer to use one of these purchase based coupons per transaction. I cringe when I hear bloggers use two of them at one time. There are "boyfriend" coupons (some stores have a price scanner/coupon printer) and there are email coupons and there are CRT coupons (cash register tape ones that come out after your receipt). Please only one of these. I would have to buy $25 of stuff twice in order to use both the regular email and the ReadyFill coupons.

So to recap:

This week's OOP: $0.00.

I still have $5.94 in ECB's for next time:
- 4X $0.99
- 1X $1.98

I have spent $1.26 cash out-of-pocket (OOP) this month, which leaves $8.74 left for the rest of August.

I have purchased:
(2) book covers
(2) one-subject notebooks
(2) 5" scissors
(1) 3-pack glue sticks
(1) compass
(1) protractor
(1) 36-ct aspirin
(2) 20-ct pens
(2) rulers
(1) sticky note pad

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