Saturday, August 15, 2009

Twin Birthday Cakes

Joe's nieces Erica and Elizabeth turned 10 this week. Joe's sister decided not to have a birthday party. Instead, she said I could make a cake for them and take it to the family reunion, which was today. I volunteered to make the cake because I haven't had a reason to make one all summer long. I wanted to play around with my cake decorating supplies again.

Every person has a birthday and I know that the twins were born August 12, but I didn't know for sure whether Dawn wanted me to make their birthday cake until two days ago. For some reason I put the design on a mental hold until I received the word that it was a go. I feel a little bad because the twins' cake did not have as many hours of thought put into it as their brother Zach's tractor cake. Not much I can do about it now.

My starting point in the design was two 8" petal pans that I picked up at a yard sale in May. I've been wanting to use them ever since. Girls and flowers go well together.

Dawn said that the flower design was fine and that the girls like pink and purple.

I like two-layer cakes better than single-layer ones. Can anybody say filling? However, family reunions lend themselves towards single-layer cakes. That worked well because I was able to make each girl her own cake from one cake mix.

The next design consideration was how to put their names on the cakes. I wanted to outline the flower petals in icing on the top of the cake and give it a daisy-ish center. That wouldn't work with writing the name on top. However, I still had some fondant left from my Wilton class back in April (double bag the fondant in freezer bags and it keeps a long, long time at room temperature). I decided to cover a 12" cake circle with fondant and write their names on the fondant instead of the cake itself. As far as the fondant colors used, well, those were colors I had made up already that I knew I had enough to cover the 12" circle AND would match the main colors of pink and purple.

I tried to make both cakes as identical as I could, but just like the identical twins Erica and Elizabeth, their cakes have their own distinct personalities.

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