Sunday, May 3, 2009

OAMC Big Day

Today was my freezer cooking day. Joe and I got started around 8:30. We took a break for lunch at noon. Then he stopped to go pick up Samantha from his parents, so I was on my own in the kitchen. I finished cooking around 3. I packaged up some of the meals that were already frozen and cleaned up the dishes. I finished up around 4.

We made:
-- homemade marinara sauce for ziti and stuffed shells
-- 3 meals of baked ziti
-- 2 meals of cheese stuffed shells
-- 3 meals of pork lasagna
-- 27 pumpkin muffins
-- 3 lb of pizza dough for pizza roll-ups, stromboli and put 1 lb of it in the freezer uncooked
-- 2 meals of pepperoni pizza roll-ups
-- 1 meal of pepperoni stromboli for tonight (I had a little pepperoni leftover from the roll-ups)
-- 2 meals of smoked sausage quiche mixture
-- 3 meals of farmer's casserole (2 smoked sausage and 1 bacon)
-- 2 sides of hash brown casserole

I figure that most "meals" will feed the three of us dinner one night as well as lunch the following day. Fifteen meals isn't too shabby. Not exactly a month's worth of food, but still plenty. I won't have to spend a bunch of time in the kitchen making dinner for a couple weeks unless I want to. That's a great feeling.

Here are the pumpkin muffins cooling.

Here are the pizza roll-ups.

This is my freezer mid-day. The top shelf has baked ziti and stuffed shells cooling. On the bottom are loaf pans of lasagna, stuffed shells in the back, baggies of pizza dough and some bags of potatoes that I used later on.

These three dishes are the farmer's casserole midway through assembly. The mixing bowl with the whisk has an egg mixture which was poured over the potatoes, meat and cheese.

This is what my freezer looks like now after all the cooking is finished. Some food has been wrapped and baggied while other dishes are still cooling. I don't want to mislead you into thinking this is everything that was prepared today. There is one casserole still chilling downstairs in the chest freezer. Some of the muffins will be eaten this week, so I put them in the pantry instead of freezing them. The stromboli will be eaten tonight, so it's in the fridge. Tomorrow we're having one of the farmer's casseroles, so it's in the fridge too. Everything else is in the freezer. As you can see, there's still quite a bit of empty space available.

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