Monday, May 18, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

It was a cold morning today. We had a light frost, so I covered the tender plants in the garden last night before bed. I don't recall needing to cover anything in the spring since planting my first garden in 2003. That means that either this is a later frost than usual or that I am not waiting long to enough to set particular plants out. Probably a combination of the two. My neighbor gave me one extra tomato plant and I planted it last week, so I had to cover it. Usually Memorial Day weekend is the time when most people around here set out tomatoes, so I admit that it's early for tomatoes. I also covered the potato plants, but they still got a slight burn where the blanket came in contact with some of the leaves. The damage would have been much worse, possibly fatal, without the blankets.

I will be doing my OAMC cooking on Memorial Day Monday, but I still have lots of food in my freezer, so I haven't completely decided what we'll be eating this week. We must either free up a bunch of freezer space or else I'll postpone the Big Day for the following weekend. Here's what we might be eating:

Monday - 3 Step Jambalaya, broccoli, corn, strawberry and banana sorbets

Tuesday - tuna casserole

Wednesday - lasagna, garlic bread, green veg

Thursday - pizza night -- one with cheesy chicken taco topping and the other with vidalia onions a la Vidalia Onion Pie Casserole

Friday - microwave BBQ round steak, rice, green veg

Saturday - cookout at Max and Amy's house, pasta salad, dessert

Sunday - chicken and corn quesadillas, refried beans

Do you know what you're eating this week? If you would like some menu plan inspiration, be sure to check out Menu Plan Monday at I'm an Organizing Junkie to see what others are having!

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