Monday, October 8, 2007


I moved into the new office in Columbus on Friday. Today was the first official day for me and Alex. We didn't get much done. Our major accomplishment was hanging the dry erase board in the conference room. So exciting! The hard part was that we have four computers but no servers. All of the files we need are on the server in Indianapolis. The server can be accessed remotely through the Lexington office, but we have to go over the internet to do that. We don't have the internet. We have a Sprint wireless connection card thing that fits into one of the laptops, but it only works about half of the time. We have an adapter so the Sprint card can be plugged into the other laptop, but no software to run the adapter. It's gonna be a long week without the server. Erin from the IT department is tentatively going to be here next Monday. Until then, I may have to work from the wifi hotspot at the nearby Starbucks.

Speaking of Starbucks, I have every Song of the Day so far. The barista at the Starbucks near the office gave me a couple future ones when I went in on Friday. There are 37 days in the program. As previously mentioned, Sara gave me the first two days. I already had two future ones since they were iTunes freebies. That leaves 31 songs that I'll have to pay for unless I have a nice barista who gives me one. At $4 per drink (approximate price for a grande latte with a syrup), that's about $120 in coffee. Yikes. I'll have to be sure to take my own cup so I can save a dime. That will save me enough money to maybe get a tall.

The Girl is doing fine. She ate steak last night and tonight. She loves steak. Last night we had t-bones and tonight we had rib steaks. I cut the meat into small pieces and let her feed herself. I didn't think she would ever stop. She just kept shoveling them into her mouth as quickly as I could put them on her tray. I saved some for her to eat tomorrow. It will be a yummy treat.

Okay, if you've ever been a Weight Watchers member or lurked on the boards at, then you have likely heard about this magical food called Black Bean Brownies. WWers love an excuse to eat dessert. I tried them out this weekend. They are 2 points per brownie if you cut a 9x13 pan into 24 servings. By most, that is low point. If you cut the pan into fewer than 10 servings, then the fiber cap takes over and the points will go up. Take a regular brownie mix and add a can of black beans which has been rinsed and drained and then pureed in the blender with 1 cup of water; mix and bake. That's it. No more and no less. Good if you like rubbery, waxy, dark brown goo that is reminiscent of beans. Better if add in nuts, but then they aren't 2 points anymore and they're still rubbery, waxy, gooey and beany. Moral of the story: don't waste your time. If anyone tells you they're good, then that person has been deprived from the real thing far too long to be trusted.

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