Monday, October 1, 2007

Ice Cream Sandwiches

Yesterday I made vanilla frozen yogurt (3 c plain yogurt, 1 c sugar, 1 t vanilla) using the tub of yogurt that I bought for Samantha to eat. I also made brownies. Using the cow mold Joe bought me for our anniversary, I made ice cream sandwiches. Aren't they cute?

Lesson 1: Homemade frozen yogurt tastes nothing like the commercial stuff. If you don't like yogurt don't make this. Strangely, it gets even tangier when frozen. Joe didn't like the yogurt.

Lesson 2: Frozen yogurt melts at a very high temperature and doesn't make good sandwiches.

Lesson 3: These brownies freeze quickly in the freezer. They were only in there for a few minutes, but they were already hard.

Lesson 4: These were tasty brownies. Don't lose the recipe that came with the molds.

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