Saturday, October 13, 2007

Recipe Contest

I have entered the Marion Star's annual recipe contest for the past four years. Each year they have selected one of my recipes for the cookoff. I won my category the last two years. Their rules are pretty simple. It does not have to be original or anything. There are about ten categories and you submit the recipe based on one of those categories. Then they read the recipes and pick about four in each category that sound good to the judges. If you're selected then they notify you to bring the prepared dish on the appointed evening for final judging.

Well, I was glancing at today's paper when I saw the cookoff mentioned on the front page. I knew that the deadline was soon, but I hadn't really paid any attention. You see, I only subscribe to Saturdays and Sundays of the paper. Even those usually wind up only half-read. I turned the page to find a copy of the entry form. I have until October 18th at noon to enter. That's this Thursday! I don't know what to submit. I ran out of tried and true family favorites last year when I entered Italian Beef. I have less than five days to find an award winning recipe. Now is not the time to create something new. I need help. Any ideas?

Oh, you might want to know what the categories are. This year, they are:
-- Edible Centerpieces
-- Appetizers
-- Brunch
-- Cookies & Candies
-- Cakes & Pies
-- Meats
-- Youth 18 and under
-- Ethnic Dishes
-- Casseroles
-- Crockpot Favorites

Obviously, I am not a youth, so that's out until Samantha is old enough to cook in a few years.


  1. I'm assuming you tried pumpkin pie squares. Maybe you should sumbit them again. What about the boneless/skinless buffalo chicken bites Mom and I make? Everyone seems to love them. Presentation looks nice with blue cheese dressing, carrots, and celery.

  2. I recently tried corn casserole for the first time. Yummy. It has pasta, velveeta, and creamed corn. Maybe something else. It was quite popular as a side dish with beef brisket at our last party.

  3. and there are always skinny chimis.