Friday, July 20, 2007


One more day of work. Then maybe I can try to catch up on an hour of sleep. Oh well.

I saw my boss yesterday. He was over from Indy and had been in Columbus to look at the possible office locations. He gave me a map so I could also know where they have in mind. One of the spots is a block or two from where Joe and I had our anniversary dinner. I had suspected it was on the list. I don't really care where they select. I just want to know the address asap so I can start interviewing nearby daycare centers. The office locations are too spread out to select a daycare just yet.

Last night, I came home to a bunch of new CSA veggies. I saw that there was basil. I like fresh basil, but it always seems to go bad before I can use it all. So I decided to get the dehydrator out and dry some herbs. In addition to the basil, I'm drying last week's sage (more on that below), and some oregano and tarragon that I am growing. For my style of cooking, dry herbs are much more user friendly.

To me, sage is the seasoning that makes sausage taste like sausage. But sage is said to dry up one's milk supply, so until we're ready for weaning, I am trying to keep my sage intake at a minimum.


  1. Why did you not suggest sage to me when I was trying to dry up my milk? You're a little late on that bit of info.

    Since you are in the drying mood, will you dry up some homemade egg noodles and send them to Nebraksa?

  2. need to put the basil in water like a flower arrangement, It will last for weeks! Duh!