Sunday, July 22, 2007

Got it Covered

Joe, Samantha and I went to a cookout last night at the home of one of his co-workers, Jim. Jim likes to shop at auctions and had picked up this cast iron lid that he didn't want. I have a number of cast iron skillets in various sizes, but no lids. The lid was labeled as being a #9 size. I knew I had a #8 skillet and a larger one. I brought the lid home and tested it out on my skillets. Sure enough, my biggest skillet is a #9. Now I can cover it. Thanks, Jim!
This leaves me with a dilema. Dad's recipe for Carolina BBQ specifies that the meat be simmered in a #10 skillet. All this time I've been using the wrong size. Oh, no.


  1. If you buy a 10", I'll take your 9". My new house has a gas top range and electric oven. The best of both worlds. I've been stuck with smooth top ranges for so long that I dont' own any cast iron. Wait a sec, don't you have some on my cast iron?

  2. I have your grill pan. I might have one of your small skillets. I'll have to look at them and try to remember where each of them came from. I'm thinking that the one that's yours is big enough to fry a single egg in.