Saturday, July 28, 2007

I have a brother

That's nothing new of course. For Andrew living just an hour away, we don't see each other very often. He and Heather came over tonight for supper. He is well. They took the blue La-Z-Boy off our hands.

Joe made a brisket using Guiness Stout. It was very good. Joe made the recipe last year around this time (July 22 to be exact) and cut his finger trimming the brisket. This year the butcher already trimmed it before we got the meat. No trips to Urgent Care were made during the preparation of the brisket this time.

I made Guiness Milk Chocolate Ice Cream. That was really good too. Much creamier than my previous attempts at ice cream making. It was of the custard type where you add egg yolks and carefully cook them. That was a first for me, but eggs are emulsifiers so they are probably the reason for the creaminess. The key is cooking the custard slowly. Otherwise you can blink and find a pot of scrambled eggs in front of you where creamy milk used to be. I will be sure to note in the cookbook that this was a good recipe and that I should make it again. The beer flavor is not overpowering, but would make this ice cream for adults only.


  1. No mother's milk ice cream! Come on Amy, Laura & Andrew loved it! Wish I still had the recipe.

  2. Mom,

    I've thought about making it, but I haven't found a recipe yet.

    I've also jokingly talked about making butter out of breastmilk. Just think of the amount of expressed milk it would require! It would be perfect for baby mashed potatoes -- creamy and buttery.

  3. ummm....I dont even know what to say. Im pretty sure that frozen partially thawed milk slushy would be good enough for a baby treat, I've thought about doing that for charlie, since I already have lots frozen. But the butter????